Undergraduate Programmes


Are There Any Opportunities For Global Exposure?

Undergraduate students in the College of Science are offered the opportunity to learn, work and do research at some of the best international partner universities and organisations in Asia, Europe and North America. These help them develop global perspectives besides broadening their learning experience.

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The Global Education and Mobility (GEM) programmes offer various outbound mobility opportunities that include the GEM Discoverer, GEM Explorer and the Overseas Attachment Programme. One of the strengths of these global programmes is the flexibility it allows – from deciding on the length of the term of study, to the type of programme chosen.

GEM Discoverer offers four high quality learning programmes to enhance your employability and global exposure. You can choose from Work & Study (in collaboration with NTU Career & Attachment Office), Language Immersion, Summer Studies and Prelude. Student will earn academic units at the end of the programme.

GEM Explorer enables undergraduate students to take courses and do research in an overseas partner institution for one full-semester while exploring a new country and culture. They can earn academic units while broadening their global network and perspective. This programme allows students to go for exchange to over 295 universities in 37 countries all over the world. It gives them the global exposure needed to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Overseas Attachment Programme is a unique learning experience for students to experience life outside Singapore. Based on a strong partnership between NTU and the industry, the programme allows students to widen their perspective of the working world, enhance their employability and career mobility worldwide upon graduation.