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Disruptive Photonic Technologies (DPT) (2012)

Our CoS team:
Lead PI: Prof Nikolay Zheludev (SPMS)
Co-PIs: Prof Shen Zexiang (SPMS); Assoc Prof Cesare Soci (SPMS); Assoc Prof Wang Qijie (SPMS); Assoc Prof Sun Handong (SPMS); Assoc Prof Fan Hongjin (SPMS)
Other team members:
Prof Shum Ping (EEE)
Nikolay Zheludev, Shen Zexiang, Cesare Soci, Wang Qijie, Sun Handong, Fan Hongjin.png 
              Nikolay Zheludev        Shen Zexiang            Cesare Soci               Wang Qijie             Sun Handong           Fan Hongjin

Objective of the programme is to generate a knowledge base for new photonic technologies with 10+ year outlook.
The DPT Programme develops radically new nanotechnology-enabled artificial dynamic and reconfigurable photonic materials and components as a novel elemental base of revolutionary free-space, fibre and planar waveguide devices and optical nanocircuits, thus providing ground-breaking solutions for telecoms, energy, light generation, imaging, lithography, data storage, sensing, medicine, security and defence applications. By advancing the physics of control, guiding and amplification of light in nanostructures and by developing new nanofabrication techniques and methods of growth, hybridisation and integration into the waveguide and fiber environment of different novel material structures, the programme aims at developing disruptive technological solutions allowing for ultra-high-density integration, the lowest possible energy levels and the highest speeds of optical switching and data processing.
Three deeply interlinked research strands aim to generate a knowledge base for new technologies with 10+ year outlook: reconfigurable, dynamic and quantum metamaterials; reconfigurable micro/nano-fibers and cognitive photonic systems; nanolasers, spasers and nano-meta-materials for electromagnetic technologies.

The DPT Programme resulted in the formation of the Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies (CDPT), which has had a major impact on the landscape of photonics research in Singapore. CDTP is now clearly a leading nanophotonics Centre in Asia and the main centre of Nanophotonics and Metamaterial research in the Country complementing a more applied research agenda of A*STAR institutions DSI and IMRE and it is also emerging as a major player internationally.

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