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Quantum and Topological Nanophotonics (2017)

Our CoS team:
Lead PI: Prof Nikolay Zheludev (SPMS)
Co-PIs: Prof Shen Zexiang (SPMS); Assoc Prof Cesare Soci (SPMS); Assoc Prof Zhang Baile (SPMS); Asst Prof Chong Yidong (SPMS); Asst Prof Gao Weibo (SPMS); Asst Prof Ranjan Singh (SPMS)
Nikolay Zheludev, Shen Zexiang, Cesare Soci, Zhang Baile, Chong Yidong, Gao Weibo, Ranjan Singh.png
Nikolay Zheludev    Shen Zexiang     Cesare Soci   Zhang Baile     Chong Yidong     Gao Weibo     Ranjan Singh
The project aims to develop ground-breaking enabling photonic technologies, new photonic devices and functional materials underpinned by new ideas in Quantum and Topological Nanophotonics that are among the most promising emerging directions of fundamental research.
Quantum nanophotonics arises on the border between deep quantum physics of light and nanotechnology, and focuses on the study of interaction of photons with matter at the nanoscale. It aims at radically new ways to control, generate, compute, communicate, and measure with quantum states of light and matter for applications in information processing, memories, imaging and sensor devices, and for designing new functional quantum materials. Topological nanophotonics is on the crossroads between the science of light and the mathematics describing properties under continuous deformations. Topology is another powerful design degree of freedom, which opens a path to fundamentally new states of light and matter, novel photonic circuitry, laser and optical components tolerant to imperfections, and new functional materials.
In the project the NTU team will collaborate with a cohort of world-class researchers from ETH Zurich, Stanford and Cornell, as well as with reserchers in the A*STAR, NUS and SUTD.​​