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Telomere Dynamics and Genome Function: From DNA to Nucleosomes to Chromosomes (2013)

Our CoS team:
Lead PI: Prof Daniela Rhodes (SBS)
Co-PIs: Prof Lars Nordenskiöld (SBS); Prof Phan Anh Tuan (SPMS); Assoc Prof Peter Droge (SBS); Assoc Prof Curt Davey (SBS); Asst Prof Sara Sandin (SBS)
Other team members:
Co-PIs: Prof G.V. Shivashankar (NUS); Prof Yan Jie (NUS)
Daniela Rhodes, Lars Nordenskiöld, Phan Anh Tuan, Peter Droge, Curt Davey, Sara Sandin.png 
                    Daniela Rhodes   Lars Nordenskiöld       Phan Anh Tuan         Peter Droge          Curt Davey           Sara Sandin           


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In this project, we aim to conduct groundbreaking telomere biology research on how human cells prevent aging and become immortal. Since cancer cells are also able to enjoy eternal life, understanding these processes will ultimately pave the way to find cures for cancer.

Our program focuses on the regulation of chromatin structure at mammalian telomeres. Whilst functional studies have identified multiple mechanisms that critically impact telomere function and how telomere defects lead to genome instability, key information on the unique underlying structural and dynamic properties of telomere chromatin is lacking. Our central aim is to provide an understanding at the molecular level of the multiple mechanisms that regulate telomere chromatin structure, dynamics and stability, thus leading to novel insights into the biology of telomeres. Our ultimate aim is to apply this knowledge to address telomere malfunctioning in human aging and cancer.